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Motel 6 is a motel chain, which was established in 1962. Today the company operates almost 1,5 thousand budget-motels across the USA and Canada and is a part of The Blackstone Group.

Meaning and history

Motel 6 Logo history

1961 – 1986

Motel 6 Logo-1961
The original logo depicted a red number ‘6’ written on a white clover figure. Across its middle, there was also the blue word ‘Motel’ made from big sans-serif characters. The background for all of that was usually a sky-blue color with a little white cloud in the corner.

1986 – 1995

Motel 6 Logo-1986
They reimagined the previous design in 1986. It was now a uniform, dark blue square with the similar imagery as the one before had – except rotated and given some perspective. The colors there also changed to a darker scheme.

1995 – 2010

Motel 6 Logo-1995
In 1995, a more digital logo was introduced. It was a dark blue square with a big red ‘6’ occupying much of its right. It had a white outline gradually degrading into single white pixels (small squares, more line). The word ‘Motel’ was written in tall white letters (outlined with blue) on the left half of the square, partially over the number.

2010 – Today

Motel 6 Logo

The Motel 6 visual identity is bright and modern. Its simple logo is composed of a square with the brand’s name on it.

The “Motel” part of the inscription is vertically placed in the upper left corner of the square and features a simple sans-serif typeface of white lowercase lettering.

The star of the logo is the number “6”. It takes almost all the space on the blue background. Drawn in red, the number has a white outline, which creates a great contrast and makes the logo look remarkable and eye-catching.

Motel 6 Logo

The light blue, red and white color palette of the Motel 6 logo represents the brand as creative and energetic. Red is a symbol of warmth, passion, and love, which are important characteristics of the hospitality service company. Blue and white add a sense of professionalism and expertise, reflecting the brand’s reliability and confidence.

The minimalist Motel 6 logo looks strong and contemporary due to the use of the number as the main element and the bright color scheme.