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Golden Tulip is a brand of hotels chain, established in the early 1960s in Netherlands. As a part of the Louvre Hotels Group, the worldwide hotel chain operates such hotel brands as Tulip Inn, Golden Tulip and Royal Tulip with a total of over 240 hotels in 45 countries.

Meaning and history

Golden Tulip Logo history

Old logo

Golden Tulip Logo-old
The older design depicted a big wordmark, followed by a brief depiction of the brand, as well as an emblem. The wordmark was a collection of bold serif letters, written in blue. Below it (and separated by a thin black line), they wrote ‘hotels • inns • resorts’ in a black sans-serif style.
The emblem is a golden symbol of a tulip flower placed above the main elements. The forms are simplistic and symmetric.

New logo

Golden Tulip Logo

The Golden Tulip logo represents a Tulip lying on its side. The wordmark, written in modern, premium typography, forms the tulip’s stem and the brand’s initials are hidden in the Tulip monogram.

The color scheme of the logo consists of only two colors – blue and white, the brand also uses yellow in their additional products.

In comparison to the previous literal logo, where the tulip image was gold, the new Golden Tulip logo looks very modern and smart, doubling a GT monogram in its icon.

The typeface is simple and stenciled, which reflects relaunching the Golden Tulip brand into a more millennial-focused and tech-savvy product offering and brings consumer closer to it.