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Howard Johnson is a hospitality chain that was established in 1925 as a restaurant business and changed its specialization in 1954. Today the company is run by Wyndham Group and has over 300 hotels and motels across America and Canada.

Meaning and history

Howard Johnson Logo history

1925 – 1939

Howard Johnson Logo-1925

The first-ever logo was just a black wordmark of their name, then – ‘Howard Johnson’s’. The font was a pleasant, artistic style with a lot of sharp angles, but also round forms and loose proportions.

1939 – 1967

Howard Johnson Logo-1939
The following logo depicts also the image of the brand’s first premises – a white building with an orange roof and tall tower in the center. From it, they drew a long blue lane that ran to the right. On its end, there was an orange emblem of a waitress serving a boy and a dog. The wordmark, written in orange, was right underneath the building image.

1967 – 1985

Howard Johnson Logo-1967
In 1967, they decided to concentrate on the image of the shop. They made the whole logo just that building, but revised the design into simpler forms. There was now a big turquoise rectangle with two tilted orange rectangles above (serving as a room), plus a blue peak above all of it.
The foremost blue portion also held a white wordmark very similar to previous designs.

1985 – 1998

Howard Johnson Logo-1985
For the 1985 emblem, they reimagined the wordmark style. It became a collection of big turquoise letters – all using a rather basic sans-serif font. Beneath it, there were two orange figures as the ones from the 1967 logo. Except, they are smaller, and the right one is extended all the way to the right edge of the canvas.

1998 – 2009

Howard Johnson Logo-1998
It looks like a rectangle, but with a lot of curved and warped lines. As a result, the wordmark – now made in cursive – is white for contrast.

2009 – Today

Howard Johnson Logo

Named after its founder, Howard Deering Johnson, the hotel chain boasts a traditional visual identity, evoking cozy feelings.

The Howard Johnson logo is composed of an underlined wordmark with an emblem above it. The inscription in a cursive typeface is neat and clean, all the letters are separated from each other, except “J” and “O” connected. The first letters of the two words boast elongated curved tails, which add elegance to the logo.

The Howard Johnson emblem is a stylized image of the roof with a window in it and a blue sky, enclosed in a half-circle frame above it. The blue and orange color combination of the emblem makes the logo look warm and kind, evoking a welcoming feeling.

The orange underline of the wordmark balances the emblem and adds a bright accent to the whole logo.

The Howard Johnson visual identity is traditional and timeless. It represents a stable company with values of roots and heritage. The company, that aims to provide its customers with the best services for their comfortable stay.