Morgan Motor Company Logo

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Morgan Motor Company LogoMorgan Motor Company Logo PNG

Morgan Motor Company is the name of an automaking brand from Great Britain, which was established in 1910 and acquired by Investindustrial Group in 2019. The company is known for their professional and accurate approach and releases about 1 thousand of cars, which are assembled by hand, per year.

Meaning and history

Morgan Motor Company Logo history

The Morgan Motor Company’s visual identity is designed according to all the canons of luxury, elegance, and style. Its badge in silver, blue and white palette, perfectly represents the high-end design and quality of the British marque, showing it as a professional and exclusive.
The MMC logo is composed of a sophisticated emblem, which is sometimes accompanied by a simple yet modern wordmark, placed under it. The lettering is executed in blue or gray, depending on the background and placement. As for the typeface, the brand uses a traditional geometric sans-serif for all capital letters of the nameplate.
The minimalism and clearness of the inscription perfectly balance an ornate luxury emblem, which boasts a three-dimensional circular medallion with two wide stylized wings. The “Morgan” lettering is placed on a blue cross, which is located in the center of the circle.
Morgan Motor Company Logo
There is also a smaller blue and white circle inside the silver one, which adds more style, making the logo complicated and interesting.
As for the color palette, the combination of white, silver, and blue represents the brand and reliable and loyal, accenting on the quality of its cars and the fundamental approach of the brand.