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MLB66 is the name of a website with Baseball games’ online streaming and betting services. The website has grown into a huge community for baseball fans from all over the globe, providing all the latest statistics and predictions for the upcoming games.

Meaning and history

MLB66 Logo history
MLB66 is an online destination for all baseball fans. The portal provides its visitors with free online streaming of all the Major League Baseball leagues, along with the results and statistics of the previous games, and predictions for the upcoming ones.
On the website, you can have several sections, including betting and simulation. There is also a link to the YouTube channel of the portal, where you can watch the content, which is not available on the website.

What is MLB66?
MLB66 is a Major League Baseball games streaming service, where visitors from all over the globe can watch the games for free and without any registration. There is also a possibility for online-betting, and to simplify it for the users, the website offers a huge section with statistics and predictions.

As for the visual identity, the MLB66 website is confident and bold. Its main logo element is graphical, and the lettering is only a small addition, which is barely used. The blue, red, and white color palette of the portal’s emblem shows its affiliation to Major League Baseball, which uses the same color scheme for its iconic logo.

2019 – 2021

MLB66 Logo 2019
The MLB66 logo, used by the League from 2019 to 2021, featured a bright horizontally-stretched banner in blue, red, and white, with a thick gray outline, where all four angles were rounded. The solid white silhouette of a baseball player was depicted on a blue background with a red upper right corner. It was just the upper part of the player’s body, set in profile, facing to the left, with the man horizontally holding a bat in his stretched hand. The stylized “66” with white bodies and blue and red lines on them, was written above the white bat.

2021 – Today

MLB66 Logo
The MLB66 emblem features a stylized “66” set on a solid blue square with rounded angles, frames into a double gray and white outline. The numeral is executed in thin double contours, with the first “6” in blue and white, and the second one — in red and white. The thin contours and their white background look fresh and airy, making the massive shapes look lighter and cooler.