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StartMail is the name of an e-mailing service, which is based in the Netherlands and was created by the creators of StartPage, a private search engine. It’s a great platform for secure communication that can be accessed through a webmail interface as well as through the IMAP protocol, making it compatible with existing email clients.

Meaning and history

StartMail is a relatively yours e-Mail service provider, which was established in 2014, with the idea of a high-security level. Today the service, launched by Startpage, a very reputable European search engine, has millions of users across the globe and is claimed to be one of the most protected and easy-to-use encrypted mail providers.

What is StartMail?
StartMail is an e-mail service provider, which was established in the Netherlands in 2006, and today operated worldwide, providing users from all over the globe with a secure online mail platform. The main focus of the company is on the privacy and security of its users’ accounts.

2014 – Today

StartMail Logo

The StartMail visual identity is simple, strict, and confident. The logo of the service is based on a dark and intense blue color palette, which uses two shades, a medium-blue for the upper part of the emblem and the logotype, and the darkish blue, which is almost black, for the bottom part of the emblem.

The logo of the platform is composed of two parts: a bold and sleek emblem, depicting a stylized envelope, formed by two fragments, which are placed at a slight distance from each other, the upper part in light blue, pointing down and having its contours softened, and the bottom dark blue, with square perimeter and smooth angles.

The emblem can be used on its own, as an icon of the mobile app, or just the company’s signifier, or can be followed by the logotype. The StartMail wordmark is written in a simple yet elegant rounded sans-serif typeface, with both parts of the brand name in the title case, but written with no extra space between them. The “Start” is executed in the lighter shade of blue, while the “Mail”, in its darkest shade.

Fonts and color

The modest and calm sans-serif lettering from the primary StartMail badge is set in the title case of a traditional font, which is pretty close to such types as Quan Slim Rounded and Delm Regular, but with some contours modified or extended.

As for the color palette of the StartMail visual identity, it is based on a soft combination of light violet and dark blue, which looks tender and bright, and at the same time perfectly represents a technological company, showing privacy and reliability as its main values.