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The unusual, innovative style of the Kubota logo appears to have been inspired by the unique and modern approaches the company uses when designing its products.

Meaning and history

Kubota Logo history

The company was established as a foundry in early 1890. Today, Kubota Corporation is among the most popular tractor and heavy equipment manufacturers in Japan. It is headquartered in Osaka. One of its best-known projects has been the construction of the Solar Ark, an ark-shaped solar photovoltaic power generation facility producing around 530,000 kilowatt-hours annually.

1969 – 2010

Kubota Logo 1969

Between 1969 and 2010 went through multiple modifications. It has been consistent in its core, though: you could see the name of the brand in a rather heavy type.

2010 – Today

Kubota logo

While some sources state the current logo was adopted in 2010, others mention another year, 2012.

Kubota Logo

The Kubota logo was redrawn from scratch. Not only had the shape of the glyphs gone through a complete overhaul but the palette grew utterly different as well. They now look completely unique due to the white gaps. While this has slightly damaged the legibility, on the whole, the company name is still possible to make out.

In addition to being the symbol of the uniqueness of the company’s products, the logo can be interpreted as a way to show that sometimes the job can be done using fewer things. The statement perfectly fits the eco-oriented strategies the company claims to use.