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Minelli Automotive, founded and owned by Reto Minelli, is a company specializing in the modification and individualization of exclusive and sporty automobiles, either as unique pieces or in limited small series. With over 60 years of history, it started with high-quality engine repairs and complex gearbox and steering systems revisions. The company gained international recognition with the handmade Minelli TF Roadster, and continues to collaborate with a network of excellent suppliers and technology partners. Based in Zürcher Oberland, Minelli Automotive combines long-standing practical experience with innovative technology in automotive craftsmanship.

Meaning and history

Minelli Automotive’s story begins in 1961 in Pfäffikon, founded by Herr Minelli in the field of mechanical engineering. Later, his son Reto Minelli took over the leadership. In 1995, the company started working on an automobile, resulting in two prototypes exhibited at the Geneva Auto Salon in 1998 under the brand name Minelli. The subsequent production lasted until 2001, with about 30 vehicles produced annually. After 2001, Bloch Autotechnik took over the project. This journey reflects a blend of engineering innovation and a passion for automotive design, rooted in a family business’s legacy.

What is Minelli Automotive?
Minelli Automotive is a distinguished Swiss company specializing in modifying and customizing high-end, sporty cars. Founded in Pfäffikon in 1961, it has evolved from focusing on high-quality engine repairs to creating unique automobiles and small series productions, notably the handmade Minelli TF Roadster.


Minelli Automotive logo

The logo features a majestic eagle in mid-flight, its wings and feathers detailed in stark black against a white background. The logo presents a striking contrast with bold white lettering for “MINELLI” set against a deep black backdrop, the text is crossed out with a horizontal line and further highlighted by a bold red stripe at the bottom. Under this, the word “Automotive” appears in a clean white font, offering a crisp, clear proclamation of the brand’s industry. This design conveys a sense of robust elegance and forward-thinking dynamism.

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