Frisco RoughRiders Logo

Frisco RoughRiders Logo

The Frisco RoughRiders are minor league affiliate of the Texas Rangers. In 2016, the Frisco team was placed on the 10th line on the Forbes list of the most valuable minor league baseball franchises. The quality of the Frisco RoughRiders logo was arguably among the factors contributing to the result.

Meaning and history

Frisco RoughRiders Logo history

While the name of the team creates a clear link with the parent franchise, the emblem itself has been entirely independent and doesn’t seem to have been affected in any way by that of the Texas Rangers.

Old symbol

Frisco RoughRiders symbol

The logo adopted in 2003 featured a man riding a black horse. The name of the team in red and white could be seen above.

The 2015 emblem

Frisco RoughRiders emblem

The following variation is less straightforward. At least, we can’t even see a horse on the emblem. The “rider” concept here is reflected in the main character’s outfit – he appears to be a mixture of a baseball player and a rider.


Frisco RoughRiders Logo baseball

While the Frisco RoughRiders logo comprises three of the most popular baseball logo colors (red, blue, and white), the palette has a highly distinctive look. That’s because the designers have opted for comparatively rare shades of these colors: scorched red, slate blue, and Texas navy. Also, they added cream and beige for the rider, which made the color scheme even more recognizable.