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Clarkson Golden Knights are the name of an athletic program from Clarkson University, a private educational institution, which was established in 1896, and is based in Potsdam, New York. The program is composed of 20 teams, with 18 of them competing in the Third Division of the NCAA.

Meaning and history

Clarkson Golden Knights is an athletic program, which has most of the teams in winter sports disciplines, such as skiing and hockey. Almost all the teams are members of the Liberty League, an organization, which was established in 1995, and affiliated with the third division of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. As the hockey team of Clarkson University, it competes as a member of the ECAC Hockey League, playing in the First Division.

What is Clarkson Golden Knights?
Clarkson Golden Knights is a collegiate athletic program of Clarkson University, which consists of ten men’s and ten women’s teams, which compete in various sports disciplines, including Alpine Skiing, Nordic Skiing, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Swimming, and others.

In terms of visual identity, the Clarkson Holden Knight teams have been using one logo for almost twenty years, showing the value of history and roots of the University they represent, and also — stability and confidence. The badge, executed in an intense and juicy color palette, composed of only two shades, looks bright and strong, full of different elements, yet not overloaded, and executed quite professionally.

2004 – Today

Clarkson Golden Knights Logo

The Clarkson Golden Knights badge features a combination of a graphical emblem and a banner with the lettering, executed in dark green color, placed on a yellow geometric crest, with the square top, and horizontally extended triangular bottom part.

The yellow crest featured a voluminous frame in black and delicate white detail, which added a “gloss” to its surface, making the whole image more vivid and energetic. As for the green part of the logo, its upper part depicted a fully armored knight with a large yellow feather coming out of its massive helmet up and curving to the left.

The upper level of the lettering, composed of the uppercase “Clarkson” in a bold square serif typeface, was outlined in white and yellow, and placed on a horizontally stretched rectangular banner in the same shade of green, with its bottom border slightly arched up. The banner was underlined by a delicate green ribbon with a bold yellow “Golden Knights”, written over it in the same style of a typeface, but with solid letters, not outlined.

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