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Meaning and history

DePaul Blue Demons Logo history

1907 – 1978

DePaul Blue Demons Logo 1907

The old DePaul Blue Demons logo adopted in 1978 featured a large blue “D” on the white background. There was hardly anything unique about it – just a regular block capital letter.

1979 – 1998

DePaul Blue Demons Logo-1979

Only a year later, though, the team unveiled an emblem sporting a side view of a stylized blue demon with a long thin tail and a beard.

1999 – 2005

DePaul Blue Demons Logo 1999
In this form, DePaul Blue Demons logo existed until 1999 when it was redrawn from scratch. This time, the devil looked completely different. You could see a side view of his face over a blue shield.

2005 – 2021

DePaul Blue Demons Logo 2005
It’s the same shield emblem, but with a darker color palette.

2021 – Today

DePaul Blue Demons logo
The basis of the next design is the same horned shield of dark blue. Except, its contents now amount to just the demon’s head drawn in full face, which occupies much of the center. It’s blue with a sizeable black shadow on the left and bright red eyes.

DePaul Blue Demons basketball

DePaul Blue Demons basketball logo

The university’s men’s basketball team has competed in two Final Fours in the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament. They have won one National Invitation Tournament championship. The women’s basketball team made their 20th appearance in the NCAA Tournament in 2015. They have made it to the NCAA Tournament Sweet Sixteen four times.

DePaul Blue Demons softball

DePaul Blue Demons softball logo

DePaul University sponsors a softball program. Over the last two decades, the women’s team has competed in the Women’s College World Series four times. In 2007, it was ranked sixth in the final USA Today/NFCA Poll.

DePaul Blue Demons Colors

RGB: (0, 94, 184)
CMYK: (99, 50, 0 0)

RGB: (228, 0, 43)
CMYK: (0, 93, 79)