Jacksonville Dolphins Logo

Jacksonville Dolphins Logo

Although the Jacksonville Dolphins logo used to feature a dolphin, today there is only a hint on the marine theme.

Meaning and history

Jacksonville Dolphins Logo history

A large yellow dolphin was the central character of the old logo introduced in 1995. It was jumping between the large letters “J” and “U.” The way the animal was moving through the glyphs was somewhat unnatural. The drawback was corrected in the following version, which was adopted just a year later. Here, the letters were larger, the dolphin was gray, while the way it was jumping looked a bit more natural.

In 2018, the Jacksonville Dolphins logo was redrawn. Under the letters “J” and “U,” there was the arched word “Jacksonville” in green. Instead of the dolphin, a white shape looking like its fin could be seen.

Jacksonville Dolphins basketball

Jacksonville Dolphins basketball logo

The men’s team of Jackson State University has competed in the NCAA Division II Tournament five times. Also, they have appeared in three NCAA Division I Tournaments and five NCAA Division II Tournaments.

Jacksonville Dolphins football

Jacksonville Dolphins football logo

The football team has been known for earning the title of the Black College National Champions three times. In addition to this, they have earned 18 conference championships and have won the SWAC title 16 times.