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Mills Extreme Vehicles (MEV), a distinctive British automotive company, specializes in crafting unique kit cars. Famed for blending modern engineering with classic car aesthetics, MEV’s portfolio showcases an array of roadsters and sports cars. Each vehicle, customizable and DIY-friendly, offers enthusiasts a hands-on building experience. MEV’s commitment to providing affordable, high-performance kit cars distinguishes them in the niche market of car enthusiasts who relish personalizing their rides.

Meaning and history

Mills Extreme Vehicles Logo history

Stuart Mills, a visionary engineer with a deep passion for automobiles, founded Mills Extreme Vehicles (MEV), an innovative British automotive company, in the early 2000s. Starting from a humble workshop, MEV carved out a path defined by creative ingenuity and a dedication to making automotive design accessible.

Mills’ drive to create unique, cost-effective kit cars that fuse classic beauty with contemporary performance propelled the company’s genesis. The MEV Rocket, a nimble roadster characterized by its sleek design and agility, quickly caught the public’s eye following its release. This vehicle laid the groundwork for the future of MEV’s lineup, highlighting the importance of do-it-yourself assembly and the ability to personalize.

MEV’s philosophy revolves around offering car enthusiasts an engaging building experience. Each kit is designed to be user-friendly, allowing builders to create their dream cars in their own garages. This approach democratized sports car ownership, appealing to a diverse range of car enthusiasts.

As MEV evolved, its portfolio expanded, introducing various models including eco-friendly electric cars. These innovations reflected Mills’ responsiveness to changing automotive trends and a commitment to sustainability.

A pivotal moment in MEV’s history was the introduction of the Replicar, which paid homage to classic cars of the past while incorporating modern technology. This model exemplified MEV’s niche: blending the old with the new.

Throughout its journey, MEV has maintained a focus on community. The company nurtures a close-knit group of kit car builders, encouraging the sharing of ideas and experiences. MEV’s presence at car shows and in online forums has fostered a loyal following.

Despite challenges like market competition and evolving regulations, MEV has sustained its vision. The company stands as a beacon for kit car enthusiasts, symbolizing innovation, affordability, and the joy of hands-on car building.

What is Mills Extreme Vehicles?
Mills Extreme Vehicles (MEV) is a British automotive company renowned for creating innovative kit cars that blend classic design with modern technology. Spearheaded by Stuart Mills, MEV offers car enthusiasts unique, DIY-friendly vehicles, fostering a hands-on approach to building customizable and affordable sports cars.


Mills Extreme Vehicles Logo old

The emblem presents as a striking monochrome design, its contours crafting an illusion of depth. Central to the visual is a stylized letter “E”, its curves evoking a sense of motion and fluidity, reminiscent of racing tracks or winding roads. This letter is encased within a larger, circular boundary, suggesting unity and completeness. The negative space ingeniously forms additional letters, “M” and “V”, representing the initials of Mills Extreme Vehicles. The simplicity of the palette—black and white—endows the logo with a timeless elegance, ensuring high visibility and memorability. The design seamlessly marries the themes of speed, precision, and automotive excellence.


Mills Extreme Vehicles Logo

This rendition of the logo for Mills Extreme Vehicles showcases bold, vertical lettering, “MEV,” set against an oval backdrop. The letters are stark, white against a deep black, standing out with clarity and strength. Unlike the previous design that hinted at the letters through negative space, this logo declares its identity outright, with the “M” and “V” flanking the “E” prominently. The oval frame, elliptical and streamlined, complements the verticality of the letters, evoking a sense of forward motion and dynamism. The design is more assertive and modern, reflecting perhaps a shift towards a more direct brand communication. Its simplicity ensures memorability and versatile application across various media.