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Forged under Great Wall Motors’ expertise, HuangHai Auto emerges as a beacon of Chinese engineering prowess in the vehicular realm. It forges a diverse fleet, from rugged SUVs to sturdy pickups and versatile commercial transports, crafted for a global clientele seeking economical yet dependable mobility. Nestled in China’s industrial heartlands, HuangHai’s production lines mirror the nation’s automotive ascendancy, melding cutting-edge aesthetics with functional finesse. The marque stands as a testament to China’s strategic drive towards an innovative and expansive auto industry future.

Meaning and history

The history of Huanghai Auto, dating back to the 1951, is closely linked with China’s military and industrial evolution. Originating as a military vehicle repair shop during the Korean War, it evolved into a key player in the automotive industry. Post-reform, Huanghai became known for producing medium and large passenger car bodies and axles. In the 1990s, it entered the Northeast market with the DD611CS bus, gaining a foothold in Harbin. The 2000s saw a decline in its bus market share, leading to a 2002 merger with Shuguang Axle Plant, forming Dandong Huanghai Automobile under Sugon Group. Huanghai’s resurgence was marked by its role in the Beijing Olympics and the launch of new vehicles like Aolong, Qisheng, and Dachaishen pickup trucks. Despite challenges, Huanghai continues to strive in the competitive auto market.

What is HuangHai Auto?
HuangHai Auto, a part of the larger Great Wall Motors, is a Chinese automotive manufacturer known for its robust range of vehicles. Specializing in SUVs, trucks, and commercial vehicles, the company focuses on blending affordability with reliability. HuangHai Auto’s rise reflects China’s expanding influence in the global automotive industry.


HuangHai logo

The logo in the image is a sleek, metallic design featuring intertwined shapes. Its central figure suggests motion and fluidity, resembling a stylized ‘H’ . The circular boundary encapsulates symmetry and harmony, reflective of a brand identity centered on innovation and continuity. This modern emblem could be representative of a company that prides itself on dynamic progress and interconnectedness in its field.

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