Hudson Valley Renegades Logo

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Hudson Valley Renegades Logo
While the choice of the main color seems to have been inspired by the parent team’s identity, the logo of the Hudson Valley Renegades itself is based on unique imagery.

Meaning and History logo

Hudson Valley Renegades Logo history

The franchise was officially founded in 1983 as Newark Orioles and has gone through several names before adopting the current one in 1994.

Old symbols

Hudson Valley Renegades symbol
The Hudson Valley Renegades logo unveiled in 1998 depicted Rascal the raccoon wearing a cap. The “Renegades” script in red could be seen above. The design was placed on a shield with two crisscrossed bats on the background.
Hudson Valley Renegades Logo old
In 2013, the raccoon grew bigger and changed its color. All the design elements apart from the raccoon and the wordmark disappeared.

The 2017 emblem

Hudson Valley Renegades Emblem
The shield shape returned on the 2017 logo. The raccoon and the name of the team have grown more refined, while the color palette has remained unchanged. The updated brand identity was developed by Dan Simon of Studio Simon.