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Hudson Valley Renegades is the name of a baseball club, which was established in 1994 in New York. Today the club competes in Minor League Baseball, being a part of the Major League before.

Meaning and history

Hudson Valley Renegades Logo history

1998 — 2012

Hudson Valley Renegades Logo 1998

The Hudson Valley Renegades logo unveiled in 1998 depicted Rascal the raccoon wearing a cap. The “Renegades” script in red could be seen above. The design was placed on a shield with two crisscrossed bats on the background.

2013 — 2018

Hudson Valley Renegades logoIn 2013, the raccoon grew bigger and changed its color. All the design elements apart from the raccoon and the wordmark disappeared.

2018 — Today

Hudson Valley Renegades logo

The shield shape returned on the 2018 logo. The raccoon and the name of the team have grown more refined, while the color palette has remained unchanged. The updated brand identity was developed by Dan Simon of Studio Simon.

What is Hudson Valley Renegades?
Hudson Valley Renegades is the name of a professional baseball club from New York, which is a member of Twelve Team High-A-East, Minor League Baseball since 2021. The team is owned by The Goldklang Group and managed by Steve Gliner.

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