Springfield Cardinals Logo

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Springfield Cardinals Logo
The logo of the minor league baseball club the Springfield Cardinals emphasizes the link with its parent club, St. Louis Cardinals, by using the same imagery and color palette.

Meaning and History logo

Springfield Cardinals Logo history

The Springfield Cardinals from the Texas League are a comparatively young club. It started competing in 2005. The team is owned by the St. Louis Cardinals and is their Double-A affiliate.

Primary symbol

Springfield Cardinals Symbol
The Springfield Cardinals logo depicts two red cardinal birds standing on the two ends of a baseball bat. The text “Springfield” in a red script can be seen below. If you compare the emblem with that of the St. Louis team, you will notice that they look very similar. However, on the parent club’s emblem, there’s only one bird, while the lettering is different, too.

Secondary emblem

Springfield Cardinals Emblem
The alternative logo features the bird’s head inside the outline of the state of Texas. The background combines stylized depictions of the most popular local sights.


Springfield Cardinals Logo baseball
The primary Springfield Cardinals logo comprises red, midnight navy blue, yellow, and white. The palette of the secondary emblem is more complex. In addition to the colors mentioned above, it also features light blue and two shades of green.