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While the logo of the Taiwanese tire company Maxxis can hardly be described as distinctive, it is undoubtedly bright and dynamic.

Meaning and history

Maxxis Logo history

Maxxis Tyres is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co., which is among ten world’s largest tire companies. The history of Cheng Shin started in 1967. It is based in Yuanlin, Taiwan, and operates worldwide. While originally it manufactured only bicycle tires, the current range includes a variety of types of tires, including tires for motor vehicles.

2004 – 2014

Maxxis Logo old

There is an older version featuring almost the same wordmark inside an ellipse. While the ellipse is an allusion to the main product, the tires, it makes the design somewhat cluttered.

2014 – 2021

Maxxis Logo

The Maxxis logo features the word “Maxxis” in an all-cap sans. The type is pretty minimalist, with classic proportions between the height and width of the glyphs. It is also rather heavy. The italics add some dynamism, which works great for a tire company.

You can also come across versions with the word “Tires” below the main wordmark. It is given in smaller and lighter letters.

Versions of the emblem

In addition to the primary Maxxis logo featuring only the wordmark, the company has used versions with taglines. We can mention the “Go the extra mile” tagline as an example.

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