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Petzl is a French brand of a climbing and mountaineering equipment and accessories manufacturing company, which was established in 1975. Today the brand is well-known all over the globe and distributes its products in Europe and North America.

Meaning and history

The Petzl logo is bold and modern. Based on a custom typeface of the wordmark, it is confident and complete and needs no additional decor to look cool.

The Petzl wordmark in all the capital letters is executed in a custom hand-drawn typeface with diagonal edges of the bars and an elongated tail of the letter “P”, which goes beyond the frame, as well as the horizontal bar of the last “L”.

Petzl Logo

The thin oval framing of the Petzl logo makes the image more distinct and accomplished. It adds elegance to the thick contemporary nameplate and makes the logo lighter and fresher.

The monochrome color palette of the Petzl visual identity represents the company as professional and trustworthy. It also shows the brand’s progressive and futuristic approach and evokes a sense of security and protection, which is more than just important for the field of the company’s activity.