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Arm & Hammer is an American brand of personal hygiene products and household goods. The company was established in 1846 and today it is known all over the globe, with its soda-based deodorant as the most popular product.

Meaning and history

Arm & Hammer logo

The visual identity of Arm & Hammer is very masculine and memorable. The circular emblem with an image in the middle and a wordmark around the perimeter is instantly recognizable and truly unique.

The emblem is composed of a bold red circle with a smaller white one in the middle. The man’s arm with the hammer in it is placed inside the white circle, while the white “Arm & Hammer” lettering in all capitals is located on a red background, in the upper part of the circle.

There is also an additional “The Standard of Purity” inscription in smaller and thinner letters located on the bottom of the red thick frame.

The wordmark of the brand’s emblem is executed in a strong and straight sans-serif typeface with solid ad balanced letters, which evoke a sense of power and stability.

The bright insignia of the American brand is a representation of masculinity and a fundamental approach to personal hygiene without any “fancy” stuff. It looks pro-fessional and simple, just what most men in the world need.