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Matford is primarily known as a historical French automaker, created as a joint venture between Mathis and the Ford Motor Company in 1934. Owned jointly by these two corporations, Matford aimed to design and produce vehicles tailored for the French market. The company was based in Strasbourg, France. During its operational years, it introduced several models, incorporating design elements from both parent companies. Matford ceased operations in 1940 due to World War II and never resumed production.

Meaning and history

Matford Logo

Established in 1934, Matford was the result of a collaborative effort between two automotive giants, Mathis of France and Ford from the United States. This Franco-American alliance sought to create automobiles specifically for the French market. Among its key achievements, Matford successfully launched various models that were hybrids of American engineering and French design sensibilities. Notably, the Matford Alsace V8 models were quite popular in their time. However, the collaboration faced challenges during World War II, leading to the dissolution of Matford in 1940. As of today, the company remains a part of automotive history, never having resumed operations after the war.

What is Matford?
Matford was a French automobile manufacturer that operated from 1934 to 1940. It was a joint venture between Mathis and Ford, aimed at creating cars for the French market. The company was based in Strasbourg, France, but ceased operations due to World War II.