TREKOL is a Russian automaker specializing in the production of amphibious all-terrain vehicles. Owned by the private entity “Russian Mechanics,” the company creates vehicles designed to tackle tough terrains such as snow, swamp, and water. Operating primarily in Russia, it also exports globally, including countries in Asia, Europe, and North America. Known for their low-pressure tires and impressive off-road capabilities, TREKOL vehicles are used in various sectors like emergency services, tourism, and scientific expeditions.

Meaning and history

TREKOL Logo history

Founded in 2002 in Russia, TREKOL has established itself as a leader in manufacturing amphibious all-terrain vehicles. Initially focusing on solving the issues of off-road mobility in harsh terrains, the company has broadened its expertise and capabilities. Over the years, it has achieved several milestones, including developing vehicles with unique low-pressure tire technology that allows for extraordinary maneuverability in challenging conditions like swamps, snow, and water bodies. The company has also expanded its global footprint, shipping its specialized vehicles to multiple continents. Owned by “Russian Mechanics,” TREKOL’s current status sees it as a go-to name for rugged vehicles, frequently utilized by emergency services, expeditions, and even by the military for specialized tasks.

What is TREKOL?
TREKOL is a Russian company that produces amphibious all-terrain vehicles. Known for their low-pressure tire technology, these vehicles can navigate challenging terrains such as snow, swamp, and water. TREKOL serves various sectors, including emergency services and scientific expeditions.

1988 – 2011

TREKOL Logo 1988

Dominating the design is a bold black circle, reminiscent of a tire or machinery part, signifying strength and endurance. Atop this circle rests a beautifully contrasting green leaf, curved elegantly to the left. This leaf is not just a symbol of nature but also of growth, renewal, and eco-consciousness. The stark contrast between the black and green suggests a balance between industrial power and environmental care. Centered within the circle is another smaller circle with a gear design, reinforcing the industrial theme. The Cyrillic word “ТРЭКОЛ” arches around the bottom, with its white color standing out prominently against the dark background, completing this design that speaks of robust industry intertwined with nature.

2011 – 2022

TREKOL Logo 2011

This emblem presents a sleek and modernistic representation. The core element is a chrome-like circle with a gear imprint, emphasizing precision, innovation, and industrial prowess. Emerging from the top is a two-toned green leaf, with its layered design adding depth and indicating growth and vitality. The metallic shine on both the gear and the leaf showcases a blend of nature’s organic essence with the polished finesse of technology. The Cyrillic word “ТРЭКОЛ” curves around the bottom in a bold white font, providing a crisp contrast to the metallic and green shades above. The overall design exudes sophistication and a promise of high-tech solutions that are in harmony with nature.

2022 – now


The emblem showcases a dynamic fusion of modernity and tradition. The central element is a stylized gear, indicating machinery, progress, and industrial strength. Encircling this gear is a vibrant green leaf, representing environmental consciousness and sustainability. This combination beautifully captures the essence of eco-friendly technological advancement. Above the gear and leaf combination, the Cyrillic word “ТРЭКОЛ” is boldly presented in a mix of green and orange. The color palette is striking, with the green embodying growth and eco-friendliness while the orange symbolizes enthusiasm and creativity. The whole design encapsulates a harmony between nature and technology, suggesting a company dedicated to forward-thinking yet sustainable solutions.