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Terrafugia is a U.S.-based company specializing in the design and development of flying cars. Owned by Geely, a Chinese automotive company that also owns Volvo, Terrafugia aims to create a unique blend of aviation and automotive technologies. Headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts, the company is working on projects such as the Transition, a street-legal airplane, and the TF-X, a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) flying car. These innovative designs aim to revolutionize personal transportation by merging the capabilities of cars and airplanes.

Meaning and history

Terrafugia Logo history

Founded in 2006 by MIT graduates, Terrafugia initially set out to bring the dream of a flying car to reality. Now owned by Chinese automotive giant Geely, the company has focused on designing and developing vehicles that can both drive on roads and fly. With its headquarters in Woburn, Massachusetts, Terrafugia has made notable strides in the field. Its Transition project, a street-legal airplane, has already undergone successful test flights and aims to be commercially available. Another ambitious project is the TF-X, designed for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). The TF-X aims to be a more advanced and flexible option for urban air mobility. As of 2021, Terrafugia is in the process of seeking various regulatory approvals to make these vehicles a commercial reality. Their innovative projects stand as a testament to their vision for the future of personal transportation.

What is Terrafugia?
Terrafugia is an American company focused on developing flying cars. Established in 2006 by MIT alumni, it aims to blend automotive and aviation technologies for versatile personal transportation. Now a subsidiary of Chinese automotive company Geely, Terrafugia has projects like the Transition, a street-legal airplane, and the TF-X, a vertical take-off and landing vehicle, in development.

2006 – 2018

Terrafugia Logo 2006

The first Terrafugia logo, used by the brand until 2018, was set in a blue and white color palette and featured a combination of a stable uppercase logotype in a geometric sans-serif typeface, and a minimalistic graphical element above it. The graphical part boasted three distinctive lines in three different shades of blue, with the lightest on top, and the darkest at the bottom.

2018 – now

Terrafugia Logo

The redesign of 2018 has created something completely different — with a modern style and extreme elegance. It is still a blue-and-white color palette, but a calmer and slightly greenish shade of blue. The inscription was rewritten in a more lightweight and progressive sans-serif typeface, looking airy and cool. As for the graphical part of the Terrafugia logo, it was completely rethought. The new emblem is a stylized letter “T” with a large cut-out in the central part of the horizontal bar.