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The number of athletic teams sponsored by the University of Minnesota Duluth almost reaches 15. The program includes both men’s and women’s teams.

Meaning and history

Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs Logo history

The fact that a bulldog is the only character on the Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs logo seems perfectly natural taking into consideration the program’s name.

The bulldog looks exceptionally fierce, with its sharp fangs clearly visible. The thorns on the collar also look very sharp and dangerous. The dog is staring to the right as if he sees the team’s opponents and is about to attack them.

The only update of the logo over the latest two decades brought about a new color scheme comprised of maroon and gold. The previous Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs logo also included these colors but was dominated by grey.

Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs softball

Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs softball logo

The team’s most successful period has probably been in the early 1970s. They competed in the Women’s College World Series in 1970 and 1971.

Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs ice hockey

Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs ice hockey logo

The men’s ice hockey team of the University of Minnesota Duluth has become the NCAA Tournament champions on three occasions. They have played in the NCAA Tournament 13 times and have appeared in the NCAA Tournament Frozen Four seven times.