Birmingham Barons Logo

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Birmingham Barons Logo
The Birmingham Barons have changed their name and brand identity more than ten times. It’s one of the oldest minor league baseball teams.

Meaning and History logo

Birmingham Barons logo history

The team started playing in 1885 under the name the Coal Barons. The current name was adopted rather early, in 1901, but it was used only until 1961. Having returned to it for one season in 1964/65, the team was renamed once again. At last, in 1981, the club became Birmingham Barons and hasn’t changed this name ever since.

Old symbol

Birmingham Barons symbol
The previous Birmingham Barons logo, which was adopted in 1993, showed the word “Barons” in a beautiful script imitating handwriting. The text “Birmingham” could be seen above, while “Baseball” was placed below.

The 2008 emblem

Birmingham Barons emblem
In contrast to its monochrome predecessor, this emblem looks bright due to the addition of red. While the scripted text in the old logo was going in the upward direction, now it is arched. Also, the new logo features a white baseball on the background, so it’s not just a wordmark, like the previous one. The baseball is encircled with the words “Birmingham” and “Est. in 1885” in white over the black background.


Birmingham Barons logo baseball
While the franchise’s primary colors are black, red, and gray, the Birmingham Barons logo also features white as an additional color.