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Louis Roederer is one of the last independent family-owned Champagne houses. Was founded in 1776 and was originally called “Dubois Père et Fils”. The Champagne house got the Louis Roederer name in 1833. In 1876 the company created its famous Cristal Champagne for the Russian Tsar.

Meaning and history

Louis Roederer logo

The Louis Roederer logo is clean and simple with the emphasis on the brand’s name. It consists of a wordmark executed in bold classic font and the elegant Louis Roederer Monogram.

On Cristal labels the sophisticated LR monogram makes the central part of the logo. It also has a Cristal wordmark under the emblem.

The color scheme of the logo is traditional and elegant, as everything the company produces  – deep maroon and gold.

Heritage, authenticity, tradition, alongside a strong sense of prestige are all integral to the brand logo. At the same time the Louis Roederer logo stays in tune with modern tastes.

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