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Holsten is a brand of premium non-alcoholic malt beverage, founded in 1879 in Hamburg, Germany. The brand was acquired by Carlsberg Group in 2004 and now has seven breweries in Germany.

Meaning and history

Holsten Logo

Since its birth in 1879, the Holsten trademark, defended by the Holsten Knight, has been a symbol of superior quality. The Holsten knight on the brewery’s steed guarded over it from the rooftop for over 130 years. Until now the Knight is the main element of the brand’s logo. Executed in black with a red shield with a letter H on it.

The Holsten wordmark is strict and simple yet elegant. It hasn’t changed much over the years, as well as it’s color – black.

As for the icon, until late 1990’s it was a red seal-type logo with a black silhouette of knight on it. A warrior image on a logo usually represents strength and the brand’s adherence to principles and quality. The Holsten logo symbolizes many years of work and devotion to its cause.

The whole Holsten’s identity is masculine and confident in its character and highlights it’s German heritage.