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Black Velvet is a celebrated Canadian whisky, known for its smooth taste and distinct character. It was originally established in 1951 by the company Gilbey’s, a reputable name in the spirits industry. Owned by Heaven Hill Brands since 2019, this whisky has garnered appreciation and awards throughout its existence. Headquartered in Alberta, Canada, its distillery leverages the region’s pure water and excellent grain quality to produce this signature beverage. The name “Black Velvet” was chosen because of the whisky’s velvety texture and rich taste.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1951 by the spirits company, Gilbey’s, Black Velvet Canadian Whisky swiftly gained attention for its exceptional smoothness. Over the decades, the brand has been honored with numerous accolades, reflecting its premium quality and dedication to crafting superior whiskies. Some of its most notable achievements include recognition in international spirit competitions and its consistent standing as one of Canada’s best-selling whiskies. As of recent times, Black Velvet is owned by Heaven Hill Brands and continues to maintain its legacy from its base in Alberta, upholding the high standards that have made it a beloved choice for whisky enthusiasts.

What is Black Velvet?
Black Velvet is a renowned Canadian whisky brand, established in 1951. Recognized for its velvety smoothness and rich flavor, it has remained a staple choice for whisky aficionados worldwide. Owned by Heaven Hill Brands, it’s produced in Alberta, Canada.

1951 – Today

Black Velvet Logo

The Black Velvet logo exudes a rich sense of history, craftsmanship, and luxury, adeptly encapsulated through its distinct design elements. At the logo’s apex is a lavishly detailed coat of arms, a symbol of heritage and prestige. It is intricately adorned with twin rampant lions, their tails intertwined and their roaring faces outward, signifying strength and dominance. The shield, centrally located, boasts a unique geometric pattern, hinting at mystery and intricacy. Above the shield, a stately crown rests, suggesting authority, premium quality, and leadership in its domain.

Beneath the emblem, the words “BLACK VELVET” boldly declare themselves. Rendered in a robust, serif font, the text effectively conveys a message of stability, longevity, and trustworthiness. The capital letters stand tall and strong, resonating with confidence. The “B” and the “V”, slightly accentuated in size, give a sense of balance to the name. The black of the text contrasts starkly against the plain backdrop, enhancing its visibility and asserting its importance.

To round off the design, two essential symbols accompany the brand name: the “®” (Registered Trademark) and “™” (Trademark) symbols. These markers fortify the brand’s exclusivity, authenticating its genuine nature in a world filled with imitations. Collectively, the “Black Velvet” logo is a masterful blend of traditional motifs and modern simplicity, creating an enduring brand identity that promises quality and legacy.