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The Columbia Fireflies are the Class-A affiliate of the New York Mets. The franchise plays in the South Atlantic League.

Meaning and history

Columbia Fireflies Logo history

Minor League Baseball came to Columbia in 1982. The Columbia Fireflies, though, appeared here much later. They were formed out of the Savannah Sand Gnats, which relocated to Columbia in advance of the 2016 season.

1996 – 2015

Columbia Fireflies Logo 1996
Back when the team was called ‘Savannah Sand Gnats’, this was the logo. It depicts a human-like gnat of an ocher color in a red-and-black uniform and sunglasses, wielding a baseball bat. On the right, the team’s name was written in two bits. The uppermost is the word ‘Savannah’ made from tall, but small red letters with big intervals. Below, the rest is written in the same ocher color, but in an artistic, almost hand-drawn style.

2016 – Today

Columbia Fireflies logo
In 2016, they changed the name to ‘Columbia Fireflies’. The central piece, therefore, became a simplistic yellow bug with some blue parts and grey wings. It was placed on a dark blue circle with a lot of sparkles and glinting effects. The name was written in a curve alongside the top half of the circle. The letters were white sans-serifs.

Primary symbol

Columbia Fireflies Symbol

The focal point of the Columbia Fireflies logo is a very bright firefly in neon yellow, navy blue, and silver. The creature is breaking through a sharp five-pointed star. The author of the emblem is Giovanni Difeterici of Period Three.

Cap emblem

Columbia Fireflies emblem

Two flames – a grey and neon yellow one – are placed one over the other against the dark blue background.


Columbia Fireflies Logo

The palette is rather complex. It features several shades of blue and neon yellow, at least two shades of grey, and white.

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