Salesforce Logo

Salesforce LogoSalesforce Logo PNG logotype is based on a metaphor: the cloud symbolizes the cloud architecture on which theservice is built.

Meaning and history

Salesforce Logo history

The old Salesforce logo consisted of the name of the company inside a cloud. The cloud looked almost real due to the 3D effect. Inside, the cloud was light blue and white. The middle was white, but the closer to the borders, the more intense the color of the background grew.

1999 — 2014

Salesforce Logo 1999
The initial logo for SalesForce was created in 1999 and stayed untouched for almost 15 years. It was a light blue and white cloud with a voluminous silver outline and a wordmark placed in the middle. The inscription was executed in two different colors and styles, with the “Sales” part is calm gray lowercase lettering written in a classy sharp serif typeface, and a “Force” part in the same font, but black color, and a stylized “F” with its vertical bar elongated, slanted and curved on both sides. The black shade of the second part of the logotype made it look more professional and confident, brilliantly emphasizing the “Force” side of the company’s name.

2014 — Today

Salesforce logoAs the result of the 2014 logo update, the 3D effect disappeared. Gone is the gradient effect. Now, the cloud is given in a pronounced shade of blue. The lettering inside is white. Instead of a serif font, a sharper sans serif typeface is used.

No Software emblem

Salesforce emblem

The “No Software” emblem was designed by CEO Marc Benioff as part of the company marketing campaign. Although it has never attained the status of the official logo, it did appear in advertising.


Font Salesforce Logo

The typeface dominating the Salesforce logo looks very much likeAller Regular, while the letter “f” is taken from theItalicized version of the same font. The sans serif font family Allerwas developed by Dalton Maag.


Color Salesforce Logo

Blue and white seem a perfect choice for the emblem, as these are the colors of the sky and the clouds.

What is a company called Salesforce?
Salesforce is the name of an American software company, which was established in 1999, and is engaged in cloud computing services, enterprise software development, and consulting.

Is Salesforce used in the UK?
Salesforce operates internationally, and the United Kingdom is one of the main markets for the company. In recent years Salesforce has become the most popular CRM provider in the UK.

Is Salesforce a website?
Salesforce is a software development company, which is also an online platform, hence a website. The company operates via the website, and the physical office of Salesforce is located in the Salesforce Tower, a building in San Francisco, California.