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Signal is an American messaging system, started in 2014. The idea of this platform is that people get to exchange messages either in private channels or group chats. The messaging in instant and you get to attach files, videos, photos and other media, normal for such software to share.

Meaning and History

The Signal platform was launched in 2014 in the wave of instant messaging, encrypted systems. They are one of the more popular of these apps, due to its reliability, comfort and ease of use. As of now, the service has more than 100 million unique downloads on all operating systems where it’s present.

What is Signal?

Signal is an instant messaging service, released in 2014. It’s a comfortable, light and encryption-protected platform that ensures privacy and safety of your communications.

2014 – today

Signal Logo

The 2014 emblem uses a text cloud as a centerpiece. It’s very round and chubby, with a little tail in the bottom left corner. Along its edges, there is an outline of another cloud just like itself, but made in dash lines. Normally, all of these elements are white and placed onto the bright blue background, but that can vary.

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