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Lifan is a Chinese automaking brand, which specializes not only in car production but also manufactures motorbikes and even wine. The company was established in 1992 and today sells its products across Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, expanding to the European market.

Meaning and history

The Lifan logo, executed in a traditional blue, red and white color palette, is composed of a simple emblem with a custom and very recognizable wordmark under it. When placed on the cars and motorcycles, the brand sometimes uses only the emblem, which is executed in silver and looks sleek but strict.

The emblem is composed of a horizontally placed oval with a pretty thick outline and an abstract image inside. The image is composed of three symbols, which resemble the letter “L” and at the same time look like a stylized boat with a sail. All three symbols have the same shape, but different sizes — the left one is the biggest, while the right one — the smallest.

Lifan Logo

This size gradation creates an impression of growth, progress, and movement, while the thickness of the emblem’s lines evokes a sense of stability and reliability of the brand.

As for the wordmark, it is written in all capitals of a custom italicized sans-serif typeface with smooth lines and slightly rounded edges. The letter “A” has its open horizontal bar at the very bottom, which makes it look like a triangle.

Lifan symbol

The blue, white, and red color scheme of the Lifan logo represents the company as professional, energetic, and loyal, the qualities, showing the brand’s customers as the center of its values system.