VUHL  is a high-performance sports car brand established by brothers Iker and Guillermo Echeverria in Mexico. Their inspiration stemmed from their father’s passion for racing and design. VUHL cars are known for their lightweight construction and exceptional performance, designed primarily for track use. The brand’s most notable model, the VUHL 05, showcases an aerodynamic and minimalist design, emphasizing speed and agility. VUHL represents a unique blend of Mexican craftsmanship and global automotive engineering excellence.

Meaning and history

VUHL, an acronym for ‘Vehicles of Ultra High-performance and Lightweight’, is a Mexican automotive success story. It was founded by the Echeverria brothers, Iker and Guillermo, who were influenced by their father’s profound involvement in racing and automotive design. The duo’s vision was to create a distinctive brand that would stand out in the global high-performance sports car market.

Launching its first model, the VUHL 05, in 2013 at the prestigious London Motor Show, the company immediately garnered international attention. This vehicle was a testament to their commitment to producing lightweight, agile, and powerful cars, primarily for track use but also street legal.

What sets VUHL apart is its emphasis on minimalist design combined with cutting-edge engineering, leveraging Mexico’s untapped potential in the automotive industry. The Echeverria brothers’ endeavor is more than just manufacturing cars; it’s about putting Mexico on the global map of high-performance vehicle production.

VUHL has continued to innovate and expand its reach, proving that passion, combined with dedication to craftsmanship and performance, can lead to remarkable achievements in the automotive world.

What is VUHL?
VUHL is a pioneering Mexican automotive company specializing in ultra-lightweight, high-performance sports cars. Founded by the Echeverria brothers, VUHL combines innovative engineering with a passion for motorsports, crafting vehicles renowned for their agility and speed on both track and road. This brand represents a blend of Mexico’s rich heritage and cutting-edge automotive design.

2013 – Today

VUHL logo

The logo is a bold, monochromatic display of the acronym ‘VUHL’. The typography is modern and minimalist, with a strong presence conveyed through thick, block-like letters. Each character stands with a distinct geometrical form. The simplicity of the design suggests a focus on sophistication and power, mirroring the brand’s ethos of performance and precision. Overall, the logo’s stark simplicity makes a memorable and assertive statement.