Tennessee Smokies Logo

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Tennessee Smokies Logo
Minor league baseball franchise Tennessee Smokies is based in Knoxville, Tennessee. It competes in the Southern League and has the status of the Double-A affiliate of the major league’s Chicago Cubs.

Meaning and History logo

Tennessee Smokies Logo history

The history of the franchise traces its roots as far back as 1909 when the club called the Appalachians was created in Knoxville. Since then, the team has changed its name around ten times, each time introducing a new brand identity. The current name was adopted in advance of the 2000/01 playing season.

Old symbol

Tennessee Smokies symbol
The Tennessee Smokies logo unveiled in 2000 featured a light blue mountain with green pine trees. There were two more mountains in the background. The lettering “Smokies” in grey could be seen beneath.

The 2015 emblem

Tennessee Smokies emblem
While the “mountain and pines” theme preserved on the next Tennessee Smokies logo, it was now just a background. This time, a blue bear holding a baseball bat became the focal point. The font used for the text “Smokies” in white looked very much like the one from the previous emblem, and yet, there were a couple of minor updates.


Tennessee Smokies Logo baseball
The current palette is darker than the original one. There’re two shades of blue, as well as bright red, beige, and white.