LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) specializes in manufacturing electric vehicles, primarily electric taxis. Owned by the Chinese automotive company Geely, LEVC aims to revolutionize urban transportation by reducing carbon emissions. The company operates mainly in the UK, although it has expanded its market presence to European countries like Germany and the Netherlands. Known for their iconic “black cabs,” LEVC’s most popular offering is the TX electric taxi, which combines traditional design elements with modern, eco-friendly technology.

Meaning and history

LEVC Logo history

Founded in 1899 as the London General Cab Company, LEVC has undergone several transformations and is currently a subsidiary of the Geely Automotive Group. Renamed LEVC in 2017, the company has shifted its focus to electric vehicles, making a substantial contribution to sustainable urban mobility. One of its hallmark achievements is the TX electric taxi, a vehicle that meets London’s strict emission standards while offering various modern amenities like Wi-Fi and charging ports. LEVC is also making inroads into the commercial vehicle segment with its new VN5 electric van. The company has its primary operations in the UK but has been gradually expanding into other European markets. The firm aims to be at the forefront of electric commercial mobility and has plans to diversify its product range in the coming years.

What is LEVC?
LEVC (London Electric Vehicle Company) is a UK-based manufacturer primarily known for its electric taxis. Owned by China’s Geely Automotive Group, the company is focused on creating sustainable, electric commercial vehicles. LEVC’s flagship product is the TX electric taxi, designed to meet urban emission standards.

2009 – 2016

LEVC Logo 2009

The logo of the company looks grand and luxurious. It is done as a round emblem with a thick black border that has a white outline and “Englon” printed at the top using a cursive font. The left half of the center portion was done in blue gradient and had six stars of two sizes scattered across it. The right half, which is done in red gradient, features a golden drawing of the Romano-British goddess Britannia. It is shown as a young woman holding the Poseidon trident while wearing a Corinthian helmet and a coat of arms.

2013 – 2017

LEVC Logo 2013

The logo was slightly redrawn in 2013. The changes were mainly done to the border, which was now dark blue and had a metallic silver outline. The new inscription said “The London Taxi Company” using a basic, sans-serif font of a white color. The inscription filled the border almost completely and was easy to read. The shadow behind the goddess is not as thick, which makes the drawing appear flatter. The blue half also looks flatter as there is less contrast in the gradient. The designers were able to preserve the company’s visual identity while making the necessary changes to the logo.

2017 – now


Although this logo looks magnificent and very impressive, it has nothing in common with the original logo. The logo features another symbol – pegas. According to legend, Pegasus could fly so fast that it could outrun the wind. It symbolizes strength and speed, endurance and stamina. The head of the horse has a round background with the wings coming from behind it. The predominantly black color palette gives the logo that sophisticated and powerful feel. Above the pegas, the logo has the new company name, LEVC, printed using a simple sans-serif font.