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Atalanta is the name of a reborn British automaking brand which was first established in 1937 and lasted for just two years. The new life was given to Atalanta by Martyn Corfield in 2011. Today the brand is focused on the design of retro-style luxury cars, which combine history and innovations.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of Atalanta Motors was created in 2011, and featured only two text lines, with no additional details. Despite its simple and strict composition, the logo of the brand is very memorable and trendy, as the typeface, used for its main inscription is extremely elegant and a bit aggressive on the other hand.

The upper line of the logo boasts a capitalized “Atalanta” inscription with the first and the last letters “A” enlarged, which gives a frame to the emblem, showing its beginning and the end points. This part is executed in a sharp serif font with full contours of the letters and thick lines.

The bottom line of the emblem features “Motors”, which is also written in the uppercase but looks completely different due to the use of a laconic yet bold sans-serif typeface with classic straight lines and clean contours.

The perfectly balanced contrast between two different fonts — this is what makes the Atalanta Motors logo so unique. And the modest yet powerful black-and-white color palette of the brand’s visual identity only strengthens it.

Font and color

Atalanta Logo

The stylish and sophisticated Atalanta Motors logotype in the uppercase is executed in two different typefaces — an elegant and sharp serif for the top level of the nameplate and a slightly narrowed bold sans-serif for the “Motors”, blacked on the bottom line. The “Atalanta” part is written in a font, which is pretty similar to chic Biondi Book, though with its serifs a bit thinner and sharper, which elevated the look and makes it modern.

As for the “Motors”, it is also written in the uppercase, but has all letters in one size and placed pretty far from each other. The typeface of this part of the logo is simple and modest, just like Kinetika Bold and Creata Medium types.

For its visual identity, the luxury British brand has chosen the monochrome color palette, which makes the look of the letters stronger and sharper. The black inscription on a white background is classics, which can easily become a logo of a fashion magazine or a high-end fashion brand, looking expensive, fine, and timeless.