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Koskenkorva is a renowned Finnish vodka brand, rooted in the purity of Nordic nature. Harnessing local barley and pristine spring water, they’ve mastered the craft of producing a clean and smooth spirit. Today, they’ve broadened their offerings, including various flavored vodkas. Their commitment to sustainability resonates in their operations. Europe remains a primary market, with growing presence in Asia. Owned by Altia, a leading Nordic beverages company, Koskenkorva’s legacy is the harmonious blend of tradition and modern innovation.

Meaning and history

Koskenkorva, nestled in Finland’s expansive landscapes, is a name that resonates with vodka enthusiasts. The saga began in the 1950s in a village bearing the same name. Initially, the Koskenkorva plant focused on processing surplus grain into animal feed and starch. However, realizing the potential of the abundant barley, they transitioned into vodka production.

In the 1970s, Koskenkorva vodka, with its crisp taste, made waves, becoming Finland’s favorite. The 80s and 90s saw further elevation of its status internationally. The brand’s ethos always revolved around quality, harnessing local barley and the unparalleled purity of Finnish water.

While the brand faced competition and market fluctuations, their commitment to authenticity remained unshaken. Continuous innovation ensued, leading to the introduction of flavored vodkas and other spirits.

Ownership history is straightforward, with Altia, a dominant player in Nordic beverages, overseeing the brand. Altia’s guidance propelled Koskenkorva to broader markets, ensuring the vodka reached more connoisseurs globally.

Today, Koskenkorva isn’t just vodka. It’s an emblem of Finnish resilience, innovation, and a tribute to nature’s simplicity. The distillery’s sustainable practices, like bioenergy use, make it a beacon in modern beverage production. As the brand looks to the future, its roots in the Koskenkorva village’s fertile soil ensure that its legacy remains grounded yet ever-evolving.


Koskenkorva Logo

The logo showcases a bold design with the words “KOSKENKORVA VODKA” prominently displayed. The typography is a mix of classic and modern, with the brand name “KOSKENKORVA” in larger, capitalized letters at the top and the word “VODKA” right below it in slightly smaller but still pronounced letters. The overall color scheme is a rich, earthy brown, evoking a sense of tradition and craftsmanship. The letters themselves possess a thickness that lends them weight, emphasizing the brand’s strong presence. There’s an elegance and simplicity in the design that speaks of purity and authenticity.