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Koo Chat is the name of a mobile application where you can anonymously talk to people from all over the world. The app was created in China in 2019 and is very popular in the Asian region. In the app, you can create chat rooms, meet people nearby, or chat with users from different countries.

Meaning and history

Koo Chat Logo history

Koo Chat is an application, popular among young people, so its visual identity, interface, and idea were designed to meet the needs of the audience. Simple, bright, progressive, and cool.


Koo Chat Logo old

The first Koo Chat badge was composed of a drawn emblem and a bold smooth “Koo” lettering in black. The emblem depicted a yellow chicken with medium black contours, which made it look like it was drawn by a kid. As for the inscription, it was set in a rounded serif font, which was elegant and timeless, and those two elements of the badge were in some kind of a dissonance.


Koo Chat logo

The Koo Chat logo is very funny and memorable. The application uses an image of a bright yellow chicken, drawn in a slightly childish and naive way, but still looking confident and modern. The chick is the first animal to be associated with the “Koo” sound, which is also often used as a greeting in many languages (such as “Coucou” in French, for example).

Koo Chat Logo

The Koo chicken drawing is very simple, yet its intense yellow color and dark gray outline, balanced by a bold Sans-serif logotype in the same color, create a very confident and professional look, which is friendly and welcoming at the same time.

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