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Rev Comps is a UK-based family-run competition company specializing in fixed-odd competitions. They offer customers a chance to win dream vehicles like cars, bikes, or vans. With a set number of tickets for each prize, they ensure transparent and fair chances for participants to win big prizes weekly. Additionally, every ticket purchase grants free entry into their weekly “Monday bonus draw,” which distributes at least £4,000 in free prizes, adding an extra layer of excitement and reward for those participating in their main competitions​​.

Meaning and history

Rev Comps, a UK-based competition company, was co-founded by Pete in 2019 following a personal experience that inspired the business idea. Pete, who had never won anything significant in his life, purchased a £13 raffle ticket to win a Kawasaki motorbike on a whim. To his surprise, he won, and the exhilaration of this victory spurred him to start Rev Comps. He wanted to replicate the joy of winning for others, and with the assistance of his son Robbie, they established the company.

Since its inception in May 2019, Rev Comps has rapidly grown to become one of the UK’s major players in the competition industry. They offer a variety of prizes, including vehicles and other high-value items, and conduct multiple live draws weekly. The company has gained a significant following on Facebook and is known for its efficient marketing and business growth strategies.

Beyond just offering competitions, Rev Comps is also committed to charitable causes, making donations to various notable organizations. The team at Rev Comps has over 50 years of combined experience in retail and online sales, ensuring a reliable and customer-focused service. Their motto, “We REV it. You WIN it,” captures the essence of their business model, which combines excitement, opportunity, and community contribution​​.


Rev comps Logo

The logo appears to consist of a stylized representation of the words “REV COMPS” with a dynamic and modern aesthetic. The “REV” portion is emphasized in bold red letters, possibly symbolizing energy and passion, while “COMPS” is presented in a contrasting sleek black font. Adjacent to the text is a graphical element that suggests motion or speed, consisting of red squares decreasing in size, evoking the revving of an engine. The entire logo is underlined by a subtle curve, reminiscent of a racetrack, aligning with the automotive theme. The use of the circle around the “O” in “COMPS” might be referencing a wheel or a spotlight on the competitions they offer.