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Jelly YT is the name of a YouTube channel, which was launched in 2014 by a famous gamer, Jelle Van Vucht, also known as Jelly. The channel is focused on video content in a gaming and steaming genre, which are very funny and bright, and this gained Jelly YT incredible popularity all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Today Jelly is one of the world’s most famous YouTube channels for gaming. It was created by a young streamer Jelly, who is widely known in the gaming community. The most popular videos on the Jelly channel are dedicated to such iconic games as Minecraft and Fortnite, with a lot of content on Grand Theft Auto as well.

Today the audience of this YouTube channel is more than 23 million people from all

Over the globe, and considering, Jelly was launched in 2014, so can not call it super old, this is a very impressive result. What made the channel popular is the blogger’s sense of humor. All of the videos on Jelly are funny and bright, easy to watch and rewatch, as there is always something to laugh about.

Apart from his main channel, Jelly the streamer has another one, GTA5Videos, fully dedicated to the content of the legendary Grand Theft Auto V video game. Also, Jelly does many collaborative projects with other bloggers.

What is Jelly?
Jelly is a YouTube channel of a famous gamer and streamer, Jelle Van Vucht, aka Jelly, the channel was created by the blogger in 2014 and is focused on gaming channels here, with funny and bright videos full of humor and action. Today Jelly has more than 23 million subscribers from all over the globe.

As for the visual identity, the Jelly logo was designed in 2014, and perfectly reflects the mood and essence of the channel. Its main thing is a graphical emblem, which is a depiction of the channel’s name, and the acid green color, which is a brand shade of Jelly, and the streamer is usually seen wearing sweatshirts and t-shirts of the same shade.

2014 – Today

Jelly YT Logo

The Jelly logo features a bright and funny caricature of a green jelly dessert, with its eyes closed and its mouth open in wide laughter. This simple drawing looks strong due to the super bright color palette, with some gradients and lighter details, which add volume and a sense of motion. The emblem is usually used on its own, but the official version of the badge consists of the graphical part and a custom green lettering written under it. As for the background. The Jelly emblem can be placed on gradient green, almost dissolving in it, with thin black contours not letting it happen, or plain white, which elevated the brightness of the badge, making it extra dynamic and progressive.

Font and color

Jelly YT Emblem

The heavy custom lettering from the primary Jelly YouTube channel badge is set in a rounded sans-serif typeface with jumping characters evoking a friendly and funny feeling. The closest fonts to the one; used in this insignia, are, probably, Corkboard Kiddies JNL, or Earth Days Swash, but with some significant modifications of the characters’ contours, and the wordmark accompanied by some smooth short strokes.

In terms of colors, the Jelly badge is very bright and vivid, based on several gradient shades of lime-green, from light, almost transparent ones, to intense acid. Green is a color of life and growth, which also represents financial stability and well-being, although here it is first of all an eye-catcher, a brand color, which is instantly associated with the channel and its funny gaming content, for millions of viewers from all over the globe.

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