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Koenigsegg is a Swedish brand of the sport-cars manufacturing company, which was created in 1994 by Christian Bon Koenigsegg and is famous for producing all the elements of their cars themselves without working with subcontractors.

Meaning and history

Koenigsegg Logo history

Being a young company, Koenigsegg does not have any dramatic changes in its visual identity yet. The brand’s logo was created in 1994 and was based on the ancient coat of arm of the founder’s family.

The Koenigsegg logo is an example of geometrical heraldry, which is timeless and elegant, reflecting the brand’s roots and celebrating its heritage and legacy.

1994 – 2020

Koenigsegg Logo 1994

The Koenigsegg logo features a wordmark and an emblem above it. The wordmark is executed in a bold and elegant typeface, which is slightly italicized and has rounded angles of the lines. The nameplate is underlined with a thick line, which doesn’t touch the tails of the three letters “G”.

The Koenigsegg emblem features a three-dimensional shield in a yellow and burgundy color palette with a blue framing. The body of the shield boats a rhombus pattern, which looks sleek and expensive.

When placed on the cars, the emblem features gold and black palette, which only adds elegance to the world’s famous supercars.

2022 – now

Koenigsegg Logo