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Gatter, a historic automobile manufacturer, was founded and owned by Czech entrepreneur Josef Gatter in the 1930s. Primarily operating in Czech Republic, the company was renowned for its unique automotive designs and engineering.

Meaning and history

Gatter Logo history

Josef Gatter established Gatter, an automobile company, in the Czech Republic in the early 1930s. The firm gained recognition for its inventive vehicles, contributing significantly to the country’s automobile sector. Today, Gatter’s legacy lives on as a part of Czech automotive history.

What is Gatter?
Gatter is a historic automaker, founded by Josef Gatter in Czech Republic during the 1930s. Renowned for innovative designs, the company left a significant mark on the automotive industry.

1930 – 1931

Gatter Logo 1930

The logo looks classic and stylish thanks to the black color and, most importantly, the font choice as there are no other elements in this logo. The company used a font that resembles a customized version of the Ronsard Crystal Bold. The tail of the letter “G” was cut at a diagonal instead of straight. In addition, a unique feature of this logo is the horizontal bar of the “T”s, which are joined and extended to the full length of the name.

1931 – 1937

Gatter Logo

Although the logo uses a custom font that looks inspired by Look Script Rough Bold font. The inscription is placed on a diagonal to reflect the growth and movement of the company. All the letters are interconnected for a visually appealing image. The dark blue and black shades used to color the inscription give the logo a luxurious and sophisticated appearance.