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Kerala Automobiles Limited (KAL) is an Indian public sector company, owned by the government of Kerala. It specializes in the manufacturing of three-wheeler vehicles, primarily auto-rickshaws, and electric buses. KAL operates mainly within India but has also expanded its operations to other countries like Egypt, Mexico, and Bangladesh. Established in 1978, the company has focused on producing eco-friendly, fuel-efficient vehicles to meet the transportation needs of various market segments.

Meaning and history

Kerala Automobiles Limited Logo

Kerala Automobiles Limited was founded in 1978, under the ownership of the Kerala State Government. It primarily focuses on the production of three-wheeled vehicles like auto-rickshaws, pickup vans, and more recently, electric buses. One of its significant achievements includes pioneering in electric mobility solutions within the Indian market. The company has also succeeded in making its presence felt internationally by exporting its products to countries such as Egypt, Mexico, and Bangladesh. KAL had ventured into electric buses’ manufacturing, providing an eco-friendly solution for public transportation. Despite facing stiff competition from private manufacturers, it continues to be a significant player in the three-wheeler segment.

What is Kerala Automobiles Limited?
Kerala Automobiles Limited (KAL) is a public sector undertaking based in India, specifically owned by the Kerala State Government. Founded in 1978, the company mainly focuses on the manufacturing of three-wheeler vehicles like auto-rickshaws and has recently ventured into electric buses. It operates within India and also exports to several international markets.