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Based in Geneva, Illinois, the Kane County Cougars are the Class-A Minor League Baseball affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Meaning and history

Kane County Cougars logo history

The franchise played its first game as Kane County Cougars in 1991. It was then that the original logo was introduced, which remained mostly unchanged until 2016.

1991 — 2015

Kane County Cougars Logo 1991The 1991 Kane County Cougars logo featured a stylized muzzle of a cougar with a white baseball on the background. The roundel emblem was encircled by the team’s name in white.

2016 — Today

Kane County Cougars logo

The new logo revealed shortly before the 2016/17 playing season was developed by the sports brand identity agency Studio Simon in collaboration with Cougars graphic designer Emmet Broderick. An aggressive green-eyed cougar is clutching a baseball bat in its paws. The landscape on the background has been inspired by the Fifth Third Bank Ballpark grounds.