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Kahlua is the brand of the top selling coffee liquor in the world. It was first produced in 1936 in Mexico. It has even earned the place of the second largest single liqueur brand worldwide. Now the brand is owned by Pernod Ricard group.

Kahlua slogan
  • Kahlua. Awaken the spirit.

  • Kahlua. Enjoy your exotic moment responsibly.

Meaning and history

Kahlua Logo history

Before 2021

Kahlua logо before 2021
The original Kahlua logo is a red wordmark with soft sans-serif letters. These had rounded edges, extended bars and somewhat mismatched proportions. In addition, all of these were given a fat yellow outline with an additional thin, red frame.

2021 – Today

Kahlua logо

The word Kahlua is an ancient Arabic slang for coffee. However The Kahlua logo design is based on Mayan and Aztec elements.

One of the world’s most recognizable beverage logo wordmarks, it’s’ thick rounded lettering is executed in bright red and yellow eye-catching palette.

The Kahlua emblem is just one red letter K in a red-framed circle on a black background. The simplicity and absence of unnecessary details on the emblem is balanced by illustrations of the Mexican landscape and topography on the label.

The Kahlua logo reflects pleasures contained within every famous liquor’s bottle, shows the beverage roots and definitely makes the Kahlua bottle stand out on the shelf.