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Buchanan’s Scotch Whisky is a distinguished spirits brand specializing in producing premium Scotch whisky. Founded by James Buchanan, it has gained significant recognition worldwide, particularly in Latin American markets. Currently under the ownership of Diageo, one of the world’s leading beverage companies, Buchanan’s continues to uphold its legacy of craftsmanship while expanding its global footprint. The brand emphasizes tradition, quality, and innovation, ensuring a consistent and delightful experience for whisky enthusiasts everywhere.

Meaning and history

Buchanan’s Scotch Whisky, a name synonymous with refined taste, began its journey in the 19th century. Founded by James Buchanan in 1884, the brand first made its mark by supplying high-quality whisky to the House of Commons. Its signature blend’s unique taste quickly garnered attention, leading to its expansion.

By the 1890s, Buchanan had introduced the Buchanan Blend, which later became known as Black & White. Recognizing the blend’s quality, Queen Victoria awarded him a Royal Warrant in 1898. This accolade solidified the brand’s prestige in the UK.

The 20th century saw several changes for Buchanan’s. In 1901, the Buchanan-Dewar partnership was formed, bringing together two powerful whisky dynasties. However, the partnership was short-lived, and in 1915, Buchanan’s became a part of Dewar’s.

The company continued to innovate, introducing the Buchanan’s De Luxe in the 1920s, which catered to an upscale market. This blend set a new standard for luxury in the whisky world.

By the mid-20th century, as global markets expanded, Buchanan’s made a strategic move to target the Latin American market. This decision proved fruitful, with the brand establishing a robust presence, especially in countries like Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela.

The latter half of the 20th century witnessed another significant change. In 1987, Guinness acquired the brand, which eventually became part of the Diageo portfolio when Guinness merged with Grand Metropolitan in 1997.

Under Diageo’s ownership, Buchanan’s has continued to flourish, retaining its commitment to quality while introducing new blends to cater to evolving consumer tastes. Today, with over a century of heritage, Buchanan’s stands as a testament to James Buchanan’s vision, reflecting a legacy of excellence and innovation in the world of Scotch whisky.


Buchanan’s Scotch Whisky Logo

The brand name “BUCHANAN’S” is prominently featured in large, bold, dark green serif letters, occupying the center of the image. Directly below “BUCHANAN’S” in a slightly smaller and lighter font is the phrase “BLENDED SCOTCH WHISKY” in capital letters. Above the brand name and phrase, there’s ample white space, giving the logo a clean, elegant appearance. The apostrophe in “BUCHANAN’S” has a distinct design, curling slightly at the end. The overall color palette is a combination of dark green and white, emphasizing sophistication and heritage.