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JustWatch, an international navigator for streaming content, assists viewers in pinpointing locations for online viewing of films and television series. Spanning a multitude of nations, it compiles offerings from an array of digital streaming platforms. Notable for its intuitive design and custom-tailored suggestions, JustWatch adeptly meets the varied tastes of a worldwide viewership.

Meaning and history

JustWatch, a platform specializing in streaming recommendations, was conceived by David Croyé and five other co-founders towards the close of 2014. This group of founders, seasoned in the realm of international technology startups in Berlin, initiated JustWatch to utilize their expertise in a novel business arena, concentrating on film marketing and streaming platforms.

Their venture commenced with a collective aspiration and foundational principles, underscoring the significance of harmonizing their combined strengths and convictions. By October 2014, the team dedicated themselves full-time to JustWatch, placing a strong emphasis on cultivating their organizational ethos and foundational values, destined to guide key business decisions.

Prior to its formal debut, the JustWatch team developed an initial model to test their theory: targeting cinema enthusiasts based on specific film interests would surpass the efficiency of conventional, demographic-based approaches. This strategy proved to be highly effective, outperforming existing methods by 212%.

JustWatch made its entry in the U.S. and Germany in February 2015, swiftly extending to Brazil. The funding for JustWatch was primarily derived from the founders’ own contributions, supplemented by governmental grants and private loans, amassing approximately $2.5 million.

Opting for self-financing, the aim was to sustain autonomy and concentrate on creating lasting value, ensuring the alignment of the interests of users, clients, and the company. By eschewing external investments, JustWatch was able to maintain its unique culture and core values, a decision that bore fruit as the company achieved profitability within its first year of client engagements.


Justwatch Logo

The branding emblem boasts a luminous shade of lemon yellow, intricately woven with an exclusive, geometric design that subtly hints at a ‘play’ icon on its left edge. The brand’s identity, “JustWatch,” is artfully rendered in a sturdy, clean-lined sans-serif typography, exuding an inviting and avant-garde charm. This visual representation embodies a fusion of inventiveness and approachability, reflecting the firm’s commitment to leading its audience through the dynamic world of online streaming. The design’s overall presentation is streamlined and minimalist, underscoring a focus on straightforwardness and user-centric functionality, core traits that encapsulate the brand’s ethos.