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Mailbox is the name of a reliable email service provider based in Germany that was founded to become an alternative to other webmail services that depend on their customers’ data for advertising revenue. All created accounts include features other than a mailbox, such as a cloud-based office suite for document editing, calendar, etc.

Meaning and history

The email service provider with a high level of data protection and flexible paid packages was established in 2014 by Heinlein Support GmbH, a company with a rich experience and long history in internet security and email technologies. Today the service is one of the most popular and entitled in the list of its international competitors, and provides wide opportunities in different price ranges for its clients depending on their needs.

2018 – Today

Mailbox Logo

The Mailbox visual identity is pretty simple in terms of composition and design, but its brightness and intensity aim to “attract a wider target group of private and business customers”, as the company keeps progressing and developing, implementing the latest technologies and innovations.

The logo is composed of two parts, a graphical emblem, which is also used as a mobile app icon, and a logotype, usually set under the emblem. Both parts of the badge are executed in one color, light, and acid green, with a happy and lively mood, a shade full of energy.

The Mailbox emblem is a smooth solid envelope, which is horizontally oriented and has its right part cut. And this simple thing is what makes the logo truly unique and distinctive. As for the wordmark, it is set in the lowercase of a simple clean sans-serif typeface with its letters in a full shape and contours traditional and elegant.

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