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Jetour is a new automotive brand from China. It is a fully independent subsidiary of Chery, founded in 2018. The name Jetour translates from Chinese as “victory trail,” though many think the name is built around “Tour,” emphasizing the brand’s focus – cars for traveling.

Meaning and history

Jetour is a travel car brand launched by Chinese automaker Chery in 2018. Initially, the Jetour brand was created with a focus on the youth market. Their cars were positioned as affordable analogs of Chery models. However the company’s strategy changed quite quickly, and now Jetour actively promotes the culture of automobile travel.

At the same time, there is no significant difference between Jetour and Chery cars – they share common units and compete with each other in many ways. According to the results of the first half of 2022, Jetour sold 61,047 cars. For comparison, Cherry sold more than 340 thousand during the same period. After that Jetour decided to develop the model lineup, making it unique.

At the moment, Jetour, in addition to the Dashing and X90 family, produces crossovers of the X70 family. The history of the brand began with them, and now X70 can be considered somewhat outdated, and also close to the more advanced X90 in terms of parameters.

In the future, Jetour plans to clearly form three separate lines of cars according to the mentioned “4+3+N” principle. It will be based on 4 crossovers, 3 SUVs, and hybrid vehicles. And by 2024, Jetour plans to be an “all-green” brand, as indicated in the presentation.

Today, the company’s sales leader is Jetour Dashing, whose share in the sales volume of the brand is 93%. The competitive advantages of Jetour Dashing over crossovers of a similar class are the availability of equipment with manual transmission and, as a consequence, a wider price range. It also attracts attention with its modern exterior, voice assistant, and a package of active driving assistants ADAS. The disadvantage is the lack of all-wheel drive, while almost all of the model’s competitors, from the Omoda C5 to the Geely Atlas Pro, offer this option.

Jetour is actively developing its presence in the international market and already exports its vehicles to the Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, Asia-Pacific, and CIS countries, including Russia. Jetour aims to create its image and independence from its parent company by competing with it in the market.

What is Jetour?
Jetour is the name of a Chinese automaking brand, a subsidiary of Chery, introduced in the Chinese market in 2018. It produces only crossovers and is positioned as a manufacturer of youth cars for traveling. Jetour crossovers and SUVs are exported to 30 countries and regions.

In terms of visual identity, Jetour is very sharp and bold. Even though the logo of the brand is based only on the lettering, the size and shape of the characters here work better than any graphical elements.

2018 – Today

Jetour Logo

The Jetour logo, designed by the launch of the brand, in 2018, is set in a strict black-and-white color palette and features a two-line inscription, with the upper level enlarged and the bottom line decorated by two thin long horizontal lines on the sides. The main inscription is set in uppercase, while the “Drive Your Future” tagline — is in the title case, and with a simpler style of the sans-serif typeface. The logo can be used both with and without the tagline, and sometimes can be seen in white on a red background. When placed on the cars of the brand, the logo turns into a glossy silver voluminous badge.

Font and color

Jetour Emblem

The bold uppercase lettering from the primary logo of the Jetour car brand is set in a stable geometric sans-serif typeface with thick lines, distinctive contour, and straight cuts of the bars in extended characters. The closest commercial fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Ginza Heavy, or Sci Fi Bronze Regular, but with the modified contour of the “R”, which is the most unique element in the logotype.

As for the color palette of the Jetour visual identity, its primary version is black and white, a strict, laconic, and minimalistic choice that reflects such qualities of the brand as stability, confidence, and professionalism. However, sometimes the Jetour badge is drawn in white and red, the scheme, which stands for passion and energy.

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