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The Italy National Football Team, commonly referred to as Gli Azzurri, is managed by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), the governing body for football in Italy. It is not owned by any individual but is instead overseen by this non-profit organization. Established in 1898, FIGC has its operations primarily centered in Italy, with the team playing its home games in various stadiums across the country. This allows them to engage with local fans throughout Italy, fostering a widespread fanbase.

Meaning and history

Italy National Football Team Logo history

The Italy National Football Team was officially formed in 1910, marking its debut in international football. The founder of this revered football institution was the Italian Football Federation itself, which sought to put Italy on the global football map. Over the decades, the Azzurri have carved out a distinguished place in world football, highlighted by their four FIFA World Cup victories in 1934, 1938, 1982, and 2006. These triumphs are emblematic of Italy’s rich footballing tradition and its role in shaping the sport globally.

Beyond their World Cup successes, Italy’s national team has enjoyed considerable achievement in European Championships, claiming the title in 1968 and repeating this feat spectacularly in 2020. Their prowess on the football field is further accentuated by a strong showing in various international tournaments, consistently maintaining a competitive presence. Currently, the Italy National Football Team holds a prestigious position within international football, renowned for its strategic playstyle and defensive strength. This status not only reflects their historical legacy but also underpins their ongoing influence in the sport.

What is the Italy National Football Team?
It is a professional football team that represents Italy in international men’s football competitions. Managed by the Italian Football Federation, the team is known for its deep tactical knowledge, strong defensive strategies, and historical success, including four World Cup victories.

1911 – 1922

Italy National Football Team Logo 1911

This emblem represents the Italy National Football Team’s logo from 1911. The shield is divided into four quadrants, each painted a striking red, intersected by a broad, white cross. The simplicity of this design emphasizes bold contrasts and historical significance, reflecting the colors of the flag of Savoy, which was a historical state that significantly influenced the formation of modern Italy. This logo embodies a period when Italy was unifying its identity, and the football team’s representation was deeply intertwined with national pride and heritage. The clean lines and strong colors symbolize the strength and unity of the team and nation during this early era of Italian football.

1922 – 1942

Italy National Football Team Logo 1922

The 1922 emblem of the Italy National Football Team combines historical symbols with regal elements. The shield, similar to the 1911 design, features the iconic white cross on a red background, signifying the connection to the Savoy heritage. However, this version includes a royal crown atop the shield, signifying the royal patronage and the importance of football in the cultural landscape of Italy. Alongside the shield is a fasces, an ancient Roman symbol of authority and strength, wrapped with a golden ribbon, accentuating the connection to Italy’s powerful historical and cultural roots. This logo reflects an era of burgeoning national pride and the growing significance of football as a unifying national sport.

1946 – 1952

Italy National Football Team Logo 1946

This logo from 1946 marks a significant evolution in the Italy National Football Team’s branding. The shield maintains the traditional shape but introduces the colors of the Italian flag in vertical stripes – green, white, and red, bordered with a gold outline. This period follows the end of World War II, reflecting a rebirth and renewed identity for the nation and its football team. The gold border symbolizes excellence and the high standards the team aspired to, while the simple yet powerful tricolor design represents the unity and resilience of the Italian people and their footballers during a time of reconstruction and hope.

1952 – 1981

Italy National Football Team Logo 1952

The 1952 emblem of the Italy National Football Team maintains the tricolor design of the Italian flag within a shield but introduces the name “ITALIA” in bold, capital letters at the top, set against a blue background. The addition of the text emphasizes national identity and pride, making it immediately clear which country the team represents. The blue background for “ITALIA” ties back to the traditional color of Italian sports teams, known as “Azzurri.” This logo, with its clear, direct design and incorporation of national symbols, reflects the post-war period’s focus on clarity, unity, and a strong, forward-looking identity.

1981 – 1983

Italy National Football Team Logo 1981

The 1981 logo features a modernized shield with the tricolor stripes of green, white, and red, now with a deep blue border, and the name “ITALIA” prominently displayed at the top. Additionally, the acronym “FIGC” (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) is placed vertically within the white stripe, highlighting the official governing body of Italian football. This design marks a more structured and formal representation of the team, emphasizing both national pride and the organizational strength of Italian football. The use of blue reinforces the team’s nickname, “Azzurri,” while the clear and clean design reflects the professional era of the sport.

1983 – 1984

Italy National Football Team Logo 1983

This version of the logo, from 1983, continues to evolve with a bolder design. The shield retains the tricolor stripes and blue border, with “ITALIA” still prominent at the top. However, the addition of three gold stars above the shield signifies Italy’s achievements in winning the FIFA World Cup, adding a mark of distinction and success. The stars symbolize the team’s victories and are a source of immense national pride. This logo encapsulates both tradition and accomplishment, merging historical elements with symbols of modern success in international football.

1984 – 1991

Italy National Football Team Logo 1984

In 1984, the logo design took a circular form, incorporating the tricolor flag within a blue circle, surrounded by gold stars. The word “ITALIA” is prominently placed at the top, maintaining the strong national identity, while “FIGC” remains within the design, highlighting the governing body. This circular logo represents unity and inclusiveness, a fitting design for a team that brings together players and fans from across the country. The stars continue to signify World Cup victories, reinforcing the team’s prestigious history. This emblem symbolizes the inclusive and unified spirit of Italian football.

1991 – 1998

Italy National Football Team Logo 1991

The 1991 emblem introduces a distinctive, modern design that combines traditional elements with a contemporary twist. The logo features a stylized “I” for Italy, with a blue circular top and the tricolor flag flowing into a geometric shape. Three gold stars are prominently displayed above the tricolor, symbolizing the nation’s World Cup victories. The name “Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio” is written within the design, maintaining a formal acknowledgment of the governing body. This logo reflects the modern era’s design sensibilities while honoring the rich history and achievements of the Italian national football team. The integration of classic symbols with modern aesthetics showcases the evolution and forward-looking vision of Italian football.

1999 – 2005

Italy National Football Team Logo 1999

The 1999 emblem of the Italy National Football Team maintains the traditional shield shape but with a modern touch. The shield is divided into the green, white, and red vertical stripes of the Italian flag. Above the tricolor, the word “ITALIA” is prominently displayed in bold, gold letters on a black background, adding a sense of prestige and clarity. This logo emphasizes a straightforward yet sophisticated design, reflecting the team’s commitment to tradition while embracing a contemporary look. The gold outline around the shield adds an element of elegance, symbolizing the excellence and high standards of the Italian national football team as it entered the new millennium.

2005 – 2006

Italy National Football Team Logo 2005

The 2005 logo introduces a more dynamic and modernized approach while retaining the key elements of the Italian identity. The shield is shaped uniquely with a downward-pointing bottom and features the tricolor stripes prominently. “ITALIA” is placed at the top in gold letters on a blue background, emphasizing the team’s nickname “Azzurri.” Within the central white stripe, the FIGC (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio) emblem is placed, signifying the official governing body. The addition of three gold stars, one on each stripe, symbolizes Italy’s World Cup victories, showcasing their historical success and ongoing aspirations. This logo reflects a blend of tradition and modernity, capturing the essence of Italian football.

2006 – 2017

Italy National Football Team Logo 2006

The 2006 emblem builds upon the 2005 design but adds a fourth star above the shield, celebrating Italy’s fourth FIFA World Cup win in 2006. The tricolor stripes remain central, with “ITALIA” in gold atop the blue background. The FIGC emblem is prominently displayed in the middle, while the four gold stars are now aligned above the shield, signifying the nation’s impressive football achievements. This logo symbolizes a period of immense pride and accomplishment for Italy, reflecting their status as one of the most successful football nations in the world. The elegant and modern design captures the team’s historic victory and enduring legacy in international football.

2017 – 2023

Italy National Football Team Logo 2017

The 2017 logo marks a contemporary evolution in the Italy National Football Team’s branding. The shield retains the traditional tricolor stripes, with “ITALIA” in bold, gold letters on a blue background at the top. The FIGC emblem is centrally placed within the white stripe, encircled by green, white, and red, adding a modern twist. The four gold stars, representing Italy’s World Cup victories, are placed above the shield, emphasizing the team’s historical success. This design showcases a refined and sleek look, reflecting the modern era of Italian football while honoring its rich heritage. The balanced integration of tradition and modernity makes this logo a symbol of the team’s continuous evolution and excellence.

2023 – Today

Italy National Football Team Logo

The most recent logo for the Italy National Football Team combines tradition with a fresh, modern aesthetic. The shield features the iconic tricolor stripes, with “ITALIA” displayed prominently in blue letters above the shield. The FIGC emblem is centrally placed within the white stripe, surrounded by gold stars. The blue border around the shield adds a touch of elegance, symbolizing the team’s identity as “Azzurri.” This logo reflects the team’s rich history and its aspirations for future success, embodying a sense of unity, pride, and excellence. The modern design elements combined with traditional symbols make this emblem a powerful representation of Italian football on the global stage.

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