Watford Logo

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Watford Logo

Most badges of the Watford Football Club have been inspired by the crest of its home city, Watford, Hertfordshire, England. In the course of time, the club developed a unique and distinctive logo.

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Meaning and History logo

history Watford Logo

The football team was established in 1881 under the name of Watford Rovers. It made its debut in the FA Cup in 1886.

The earliest logo was an almost exact replica of the coat of arms of Watford Borough Council. Here, you could see the River Colne, a couple of yellow scallops borrowed from the coat of arms of the city’s first Mayor, and a bundle of rods symbolizing the Roman station that was believed to have been at Watford. The two red deer symbolized Hertfordshire.


Watford Symbol

Throughout the following decades, the logo Watford used underwent a series of modifications. And yet, until 1968, it revolved around the same core: a shield featuring the letters “WFC” and (in some versions) a stylized football and a side view of a deer.

The 1968 Watford FC logo sported a completely different visual metaphor. It was based on the club’s nickname, the Hornets. The roundel badge featured a hornet above the letters “WFC.” On the 1974 logo, an anthropomorphized hornet could be seen.


Watford Emblem

In 1978, a new era started in the history of the logo. The emblem featured the head of a red deer inside a stylized shield divided into two fields, red and black. The word “Watford” was placed above. The current emblem, which was introduced in 2001, looks almost exactly the same, except for the lettering: the font is simpler, the text has been capitalized.

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watford fc logo

The current color scheme of both the Watford logo and uniform includes three colors: black, yellow, and red. The first time the team wore a yellow and black uniform was in 1959 (black shorts and yellow shirts). Red made its debut in 1973 due to a recommendation of the club’s manager Mike Keen.